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As a charity, we receive no government or NHS funding to support our work

Every year, we aim to raise £120,000 for the University of Oxford’s FOP Research team.  Without our funding, the team would not be able to commit to its research into FOP.

We also endeavour to support other smaller projects, such as the ‘ACT (Accelerating Cures and Treatments) for FOP’ grant program, which helps to supports investigators who are interested in researching and accelerating the development of safe and transformative therapies for FOP.

Please help us to reach our target, so we can help those affected by this painful and cruel disease.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

The global pandemic has meant a pause in in-person meetings, and as a result fundraising events have been cancelled.  However, with a bit of creativity and determination, many events can be made ‘virtual’ and ‘covid-safe’.

Check out these ideas….


Be a Regular Donor

An easy and hassle-free way to support FOP Friends.  Set up a monthly donation for any amount, and we’ll send you a virtual warm hug to thank you.  No donation is too small!  For more information visit: 


Donate your commute while you WFT

While you’re working from home, and this may even continue once we return to our new ‘normal’ , why not donate the price of your weekly (or monthly?) commute to help FOP Friends – you could even throw in the cost of your daily coffee too!


Facebook fundraiser

It’s easy to set up a Facebook Fundraiser for FOP Friends.  While the pubs and restaurants are still sadly closed, why not get your friends to donate the price of a pint to your fundraiser?


Crafty Creations

Do you have a crafting superpower?  Maybe you can knit or sew, or pehaps you’re a budding artist with an eye for landscapes.  Why not create something special, then raffle it off to family and friends?


Online Quiznight

If you’re not Zoomed out, why not hold a Quiznight for friends or family?  If you haven’t tried it yet, Kahoot is great fun for all the familiy, and free to play.  Ask everyone to make a small donation to join in for a fun night at home.  FOP Friends also has quizzes you can play, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to share!


Bingo Night

Have a bingo night with family and friends.  The best part is that kids can join in too!  Make your own boards or download some.  You can use an online number generator or go old skool and pull numbers out of a bag.  Full house!


Clear Out Your Clutter

With that extra spare time on your hands, why not eBay or use Ziffit to sell your stuff, and then donate the proceeds to FOP Friends.  If you donate your sale to FOP Friends via eBay, there are no charges to you as the seller.  FOP Friends is registered with Ziffit too, so click here and find out how you can clear out your clutter and help FOP Friends.


Coin Hunt

Get the kids involved in a Coin Scavenger Hunt!  Have a hunt around the house and see how much you find under the sofa…behind the cusions…in the toy box….in you coat pocket…  Round the amount up to the nearest pound and donate online!


Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes – Literally!

A socially-distanced walk is still permitted, so why not take a walk in someone else’s shoes (literally!) and get people to sponsor you while you do it!  Make sure the shoes are suitably silly for the occasion to add to the fun of the event!


Set Yourself a Challenge!

There is no challenge too big or too small!  And noone is too young or too old to join in!  And the weirder and wackier the challenge, the better!  Set up your fundraising page on and you’re good to go!


Hold a Movie Night

Download Teleparty (Formerly Netflix Party) for free, and then watch a movie with your friends in perfect synchronisation!  Everyone donate the price of a movie ticket and popcorn to FOP Friends.


A Sponsored Read-a-Thon

Looking for a way to get your kids of their screens?  Why not get people to sponsor them to switch off their screens and pick up a book instead – a sure fire winner with the grandparents!



For more tips about fundraising, practical advice, information about our charity, and how your donation will help, download one of our helpful fundraising guides…

Printable sponsor form

While online giving platforms are perhaps the easiest and quickest way to collect sponsor monies, we apprecaite that some people still like to have a paper form.  Please encourage your supporters to GiftAid their donation, if they are eligible, as this will allow us to collect an extra 25% from the UK Government at no extra cost to them!  We will not use their data for any other purpose other than to process their donation.

More Fundraising Ideas…for when we reach our ‘new normal’

Whether you’re challenging yourself to run your first marathon or setting goals for your next cake sale, remember that the FOP Friends team is here to help you where possible – so please do get in touch.


FOP Friends is able to reserve entries for supporters for the Great North Run each year.  Please message us if you’d like to sign up to run on our FOP Friends team.  Even if you do not have a direct link to our FOP Friends charity, we would still love you to run for us and raise awareness/funds for FOP.

FOP Friends runners with medals

If you would like to arrange your own event please contact us and we will give you all the support you need to make sure it is a success.

We can help out with sponsor forms, setting up Virgin Money Giving pages, donation pots, we will also provide t-shirts for people taking part in sporting events, personalised with your own FOP Friends logo.

One of the greatest challenges of fundraising is coming up with new ideas, so we have put together some of our favourite fundraising activities, many of which have already been tried and tested by our fantastic supporters to hopefully inspire you with your next event!

For inspiration, check out our A-Z fundraising ideas here.

For a full list of upcoming events, please visit our events page.

#FunFeet4FOP is a social media campaign that takes place every year on 23rd April, coinciding with the discovery date of the gene responsible for FOP, ACVR1. People post photos of their fun feet to raise awareness of FOP.

Visit our #FunFeet4FOP page to find out how to get involved.

Children's feet painted with symbols

Sign up your school, workplace or community group to Jeans for Genes Day We work in partnership with GDUK and we receive half of the funds raised at your school, with the other half of the monies going to support Genetic Disorder UK’s work to support all people who live with a rare genetic condition.


We have been incredibly lucky to have been the chosen charity for a number of large companies.  Be part of our history and choose us as your Charity of the Year.  By supporting our work, you have the chance to help 100% of our community.  For every pound raised, 95p goes directly to FOP research.

If you cannot commit to the year, hold a one-off event for us. Even if we only benefit from one of the company’s Dress Down Fridays, it all adds up to make a big difference. You can offset any donation/money raised against your profits for Corporation Tax.  Giving to a charity, as opposed to paying the tax man is a great win-win situation.

For more information, contact

or download our Corporate Fundraising Pack.


Check out some of our awesome fundraising events from the past few years.  A huge thanks to everyone who has run, jumped, swam, baked, dived, cycled, and more, for us.  Words cannot express how thankful everyone affected by FOP, is for your efforts.